The Luxern Philosophy

When thinking of the ideal event experience, two words quickly came to the founder’s mind – luxury and modern. The name Luxern and the philosophy behind our services derive from the combination of these two words. The Luxern touch entails an unmatched personal attention, which makes an experience luxurious. The modern component encapsulates the combination of stylish concepts, while maintaining that timeless elegance that appeals to all audiences.

An event, regardless of its purpose, should be the experience of a lifetime, something that should bring back positive memories for years to come. As a client, your goal should be to enjoy the company of your guests, enjoy that first dance as husband and wife, or to find the right words for the speech that you will deliver in front of your audience. It should not be the time to worry about the logistics of your event (e.g. where your photographer is, or when dinner should be served.

Planning an event takes rigorous and meticulous organization and attention to detail. However, we believe that the journey should be as enjoyable as the destination itself. Luxern Event Concepts focuses on providing a stress-free event experience, where the client’s vision is executed flawlessly. What truly sets us apart is our desire to go above and beyond for the client by anticipating needs and responding consistently and reliably.

Our team will work with your budget and vision to create a luxurious and custom event experience. Through budget analysis, we will point out the areas that need special attention in order to maximize the aesthetics and overall feel of the event. Through the use of elements that involve all senses, your special occasion will undoubtedly captivate your guests.

Meet the Founder

Hello! Welcome to our page. I hope this is the beginning of an amazing journey to plan your next event. My interest in event planning developed as a result of careful observation of the hospitality industry – especially the customer service aspect. 11960048_10155925206235251_5451023936991939812_n

For many years, I have considered myself a true food enthusiast. Whenever I dine at a restaurant, I pay close attention to the experience from the moment that I am greeted at the entrance to the time that I take care of the bill. From the food (taste and presentation) to the ambiance, decor, and the server’s explanation of the items on the menu, every detail that my senses capture is unconsciously being stored in my memory. If I were asked to remember that occasion, my mind will automatically bring back those elements that made my experience pleasant or unpleasant. An event should be no different.

I truly believe that when you pay for a service, you are paying for an experience. This is exactly my main goal as an event consultant – to plan and execute a beautiful event for both client and guests where positive memories are created. This can only be accomplished through exceptional customer service and attention to detail, which starts from the time of the first consultation.

Superb customer service is not only demonstrated in the frequent interactions that will take place during the planning phase, but in a consultant’s ability to deliver consistent results on the day of the event. This involves choosing the best team of vendors and working cohesively with them for the benefit of the client. It is not about making things happen, it is about making things happen the right way.

I absolutely can not wait to exchange ideas and concepts to create a fabulous experience!

Angelica Bustamante