Flower crowns, soaps, and everything in between

Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in a DIY flower crown class coordinated by Miami Flower Market and taught by their instructor Rene Blanco. Although not a florist, I can’t deny my passion for flowers and all beautiful things created with them. Originally, the idea of learning to create my very own flower crown immediately sparked my interest. Then, I read that it would take place inside West Elm, the Sakura Soap Co would be displaying their products, and Cuisine and Events would be offering bites, and I was completely sold! I mean, is there a better way to spend a late afternoon than surrounded by fresh flowers, delicious smelling soap, food, and amazing decor? Yeah, I bet that very few things can top that.

Believe me when I tell you that making a flower crown is no easy task. It takes time, technique, and lots and lots of patience. By the time I was done, I literally wanted to permanently attach the flower crown to my head and parade it around town for a week just to demonstrate how proud I was of my own efforts.

At the end of the night, I learned three important things, aside from mastering the art of using floral tape of course (by the way, instructor Rene Blanco is the floral tape guru)…

  1. By making a flower crown, I gained a deeper understanding of a florist’s artistic process and the amount of detail and skill that goes into making beautiful flower arrangements for an event.
  2. By understanding this process, I am able to continue educating clients on the importance of hiring vendors that display a higher level of creativity and meticulousness in their work. As an event planner, it is my obligation to offer and recommend to my clients only the best professionals.
  3. The last thing I learned was to never underestimate the power of bonding with other women. Whether you are a housewife, single mother, entrepreneur, full-time professional, or student, spending time with other women, especially when learning new things, is always empowering and refreshing.

But seriously though… isn’t my flower crown a work of art? Do you think I can now add “flower crown making” to my repertoire of life-saving skills?



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